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Lame cows + Healthy Hoof

Why worry about them...? 

Lame cows:

Cost money:    
- Antibiotics costs, milk down the drain, vet costs

Cost time:
- trimming feet, manage lame mob, giving treatment
Produce less milk
Eat less & lose condition
Are very sore: animal welfare!!!
Are very hard to get in calf
Might have to be culled if left too long
Cause stress


The cost per lame cow ranges between $200 (early detection, no antibiotics) to $1300 (lame during mating, reducing production, conception rates and antibiotics). Apart from the costs, lame cows cause stress for all workers on farm, especially in the busy calving/mating period.


The DairyNZ Healthy Hoof programme is a simple, stepwise approach to managing lameness on dairy farms. The purpose of Healthy Hoof is to help farmers reduce lame cows through improved management of cows and people.


Healthy Hoof Programme

The programme consists of five key parts that each farm takes with the support of a trained programme provider:

1.  Farm Diagnosis and Action Plan.

This is a comprehensive diagnosis specific for your farm, looking at all aspects of physical triggers for lameness, such as tracks, yards and stockmanship.

2.  - Lameness Prevention Training for all farm staff

     - Lameness Treatment Training for farm staff who treat lame cows

3.  Monitoring and recording lame cows

4.  Six monthly update to assess progress

5.  Review session and action plan


The resource toolkit provided with the programme includes:  

A weatherproof field guide to assist with diagnosis and treatment of lame cows for all farm workers
Wall posters: lameness locomotion scoring, Minimising Lameness, Dairy Shed rules and contract poster
Recording templates 
Information on lame cow treatment and prevention, farm design and staff training.  
The Healthy Hoof programme manual.


The programme has proven to be very successful and the huge cost of lameness was markedly reduced on all participating farms after implementing the programme.

Our trained providers are Lore (Tokoroa/Whakamaru area) and Darryl (Taupo area).

Give them a call when you are worried about lameness on your farm, with assistance from them and the Healthy Hoof programme, you can be sure of implementing the best decisions to quicker resolve your herd lameness situation.

Check out the Dairy NZ website for more details—