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Pregnancy testing & In calf

Pregnancy Testing

Accurate pregnancy results are just a phone call away.

We have a number of trained veterinarians and technicians that can scan your herd.

We can age a pregnancy from 42-84 days (6-12 weeks).

If you want your herd aged, a first scan should be done 12 weeks after the planned start of mating, and then a second scan 7 weeks after the bulls are pulled out. If you don't need the herd aged and just want to know those cows empty and those in calf, only one scan 7 weeks after the bulls are pulled out is needed.

We offer the service "InfoVet" while scanning. This a great programme that links with your MINDA AB dates, for accurate dating and recording of these. The results of the scan can then be emailed to you once finished.  

In Calf

Herd fertility is very complex and you need to manage all areas well to have good results. Unfortunately there is no simple recipe to achieve good reproductive performance.  Every farm is different and will require its own reproductive management plan to maximise the rate at which the cows get in calf.


InCalf is DairyNZ's response to addressing a clearly identified need of dairy farmers - to turn around the downwards spiral in herd reproductive performance observed over the last 15 years.


Herd fertility problems are very common and come at a huge cost. With the help of our InCalf provider you can:

- Assess the reproductive performance in your herd

- Identify areas which need improvement plus their benefits

- Consider and select best options for change

- Implement the selected options


InCalf focuses on eight key fertility management areas:

1.  Calf and heifer management

2.  Body condition and nutrition

3.  Heat detection

4.  Non-cyclers

5.  Artificial insemination and sire selection

6.  Bull management

7.  Cow health

8.  Calving pattern


The InCalf Book is a very important part of the programme: it is the "must-have" book for dairy farmers.  It is a practical, easy-to-use reference to help you achieve measured improvement in your herd's reproductive performance.  


We can also provide you with a laminated seasonal Herd Health Planner to make sure you get the all important timing right!


Bill Teague, Paul Field, and Lore Geenevasen are our trained InCalf providers.  They can help you to improve both your 6-week in calf rate and empty rate.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding your herd health fertility, don't hestitate to contact them at the Tokoroa & Whakamaru clinics.


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