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Dairy Calendar

Below is a brief outline/reminder by month of key animal health events as you go through the year.


Dairy Calendar





  • RVM’s for the season – prescription for over the counter medications
  • Heifer teat sealant (3-4 weeks before heifer PSC)
  • Pre-calving vaccinations: Rotavirus (3 weeks prior to PSC), Leptospirosis, Salmonella. All three cannot be given at the same time. Please talk to a vet about when it’s best to dose your cows.
  • Check your transition diet
  • Sign up for BVD bulk milk monitoring – talk to a vet


  • Pre-calving blood tests: especially magnesium, cobalt/vitamin B12, copper and selenium
  • Calf pens cleaned out ready for action
  • Check your calving kit: fresh lube, gloves, ropes, metabolic solutions
  • Staff training for calving, downer cows, sick calves


  • Calf colostrum management and feeding is vital
  • Post-calving blood tests if ketosis is an issue


  • Dehorning calves (when 4 weeks old) and first vaccinations
  • Metrichecking: check from 2 weeks after calving


  • Pre-mating blood tests
  • Pre-mating heat detection: identify those cows not cycling so you can treat them as early as possible
  • Non-cycler programmes: the best financial return is when done early, aim to have CIDRs being pulled out on the first day of AB
  • Heifer synchrony


  • Bulls out with the cows: check they are BVD blood tested, vaccinated and you have adequate numbers


  • Weaning calves
  • Drenching calves, 4 weeks after being out on pasture
  • Leptospirosis and Clostridial vaccinations for calves if not done earlier


  • 1st round of pregnancy testing: aging of the AB pregnancies
  • Spore counts
  • Zinc dosing for facial eczema


  • Final pregnancy testing: at least 7 weeks after the bull is away from the cows
  • Zinc blood testing – check levels are effective and protective


  • Annual herd lepto vaccinations before you send cows away for grazing
  • Lepto vaccinations for carry overs and R2 heifers
  • Liver analysis of empty cows going to the works
  • Autumn calving cows start (see spring months notes above)


  • Milk Quality Consult and dry off planning
  • Herd worm drench – at dry off or pre-calving? Talk to a vet


  • Liver biopsies – especially heifers