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Preparation for Calving

Pre-calving minerals: Your herd’s B12, selenium, copper and magnesium levels are important to have right leading into calving. Book one of our vets to come out 3-4 weeks before calving and have 10 cows tested, including a variety of age groups, so that you can fine tune your supplementation to prevent issues at calving.  

Monitoring your cows

Normal calving behaviours:

  • Separate from the group
  • Getting up and down/ restlessness
  • Tail up/ water bag out
  • Looking at flank
  • Showing interest in other calves

It is a busy time of year and often you might notice a cow in the early stages of calving. Have a notebook on-hand to write down her number and the time. If she is actively pushing, make sure you come back and check on her or get someone else to check on her in an hour’s time to check that she has made sufficient progress.

Knowing when there’s a problem and when to call your vet

The flowchart below can help you work through any situation and give you an idea when you may need help. Come into the clinic and our staff can provide you with a laminated copy that you can keep in your shed for all staff to have access to. If you are unsure, we are only a phone call away at any hour of the day (07) 886 6119. Our team of friendly vets will be happy to talk you through the situation and help you decide if you need our assistance.

Remember if you are going to assist a cow calving….

  • Be clean!!!!  Gloves, warm water with disinfectant and antiseptic lubricant
  • Be gentle!!
  • Be thorough – always check for that second (and 3rd) calf after pulling one out