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Sheep + Beef

We have been practicing in the district since the 1970’s so have seen phenomenal development from Lands and Survey blocks of scrub to today’s lush pasture. Most of this development moved through extensive sheep and beef farming that got more intensive as the land became more productive and latterly there has been a substantial move to dairy.

Our experience and local knowledge means we can tailor an animal health plan to your dry stock farm. The Central Plateau is well known for its lack of essential minerals in the soil so we use pasture, blood and liver analysis to plan and monitor mineral supplementation programmes.

Reproduction starts with mating so we are involved with ram palpations and bull soundness and service testing. Pregnancy testing the cows and organising the scanning of the ewes follows.

Disease prevention is an important part of maximising productivity so carefully planned vaccination programmes are a key to avoiding losses.

Parasite control is also vital and is probably still the main cause of growth rate loss in young stock. We can recommend the best products and the timing of their use and we can monitor the efficacy of these products with worm faecal egg counts.

While most of the district was once considered to be eczema free we have seen a gradual rise in the incidence of clinical facial eczema so spore counting and recommending control measures is now an important part of our service in late summer and autumn.