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Production Animals


We offer a wide range of services to all production animals and have extensive experience covering sheep, beef, deer, dairy and small scale pig and poultry producers.

From individual sick animal attention, to disease outbreak investigation control, to herd and flock health plans, to mineral and feed advice, and disease prevention programmes, we cover it all.

Our production animal vets are available 24 / 7 and are more than happy to answer your questions in the clinic or to come out to you.

Simply contact your nearest centre on the numbers provided – we would love to hear from you!

We provide:

Fully-equipped utes for every emergency
Vets on-call and contactable 24/7 (vet-only after hours, no call centres)
Herd health plans tailored to you
Flock health and drenching plans
Infovet recording and reporting software
Aged cattle pregnancy testing with rectal ultrasound scanners
TB testing of deer
Vaccination plans
Staff training
In-house mastitis bacterial culture / spore counting for Facial Eczema / Faecal egg counting
Friendly, trained reception staff to help with products and answer your daytime calls, refer you to the most appropriate vet for the best advice.

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