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Save money at the vets, get your cat or dog neutered for all of the below benefits:

1. Population control.

Every year the local SPCA has to find new homes for far too many unwanted kittens and puppies. This costs the community lots of money. Then there are all the unwanted kittens that are abandoned, leading to increased numbers in the feral population.

2. Positive behavioural changes.

When neutering male cats this leads to less roaming, therefore less cat fights and also being involved in less accidents.  It also reduces urinating in undesirable places by entire tomcats, which are marking their territory. Tomcats are more likely to be in more cat fights and are at an increased risk of catching cat AIDs.  

When speying the female animal there is no further risk of pregnancy. NO more heats to worry about with dogs, or calling in cats. Also males will not be attracted by the female animals on heat.

3. Health benefits.

For the females, getting them speyed early in life leads to them having NO reproductive tract diseases later in life i.e. pyometra, cystic ovaries etc. Speying them early also leads to a marked reduction in the chance of them getting mammary cancer later in life.

For the males they cannot get testicular cancer and have a marked reduction in their chance in getting prostate problems.

Generally getting your animal desexed when it is young can shorten the animals recovery time after surgery and there will be less of an anaesthetic risk. It is also cheaper when they are younger.

4. Cost benefits.

No vet or feeding bills for any potential offspring, no need to find homes for unexpected litters. Save money on expensive medical care for wandering animals that are involved in accidents or fights and not having to treat reproductive diseases later in life. i.e. pyometra, mammary cancer.

So you can see there are many reasons to have your animals desexed.