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Artificial Insemination

Artificial insemination is a useful tool when natural mating fails. The two most common reasons for artificial insemination are;

  1. The bitch does not accept the dog.
  2. The dog has no mating desire (libido).


When your bitch comes on heat she will begin to drip bloody discharge. After a few days of 'bleeding' we highly recommend doing a couple of blood tests to check her hormone levels. This will enable us to find the best time to artificially inseminate her which will increase her chances of conception. On the day of the artificial insemination both the dog and bitch need to come in to the clinic. We will perform the semen collection process. After the collection we examine the semen closely under the microscope to assess the the sperm density, motility and anatomy. Once we have decided the semen is healthy we insert it in the bitch. Artificial insemination should be done at least twice to increase the chances of conception.

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