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We offer the following Small Animal services:


Vaccination programmes.  For the prevention and control of infectious diseases.

Breeding services for small animal reproductive issues

General surgery

Desexing/neutering of cats and dogs, and also most other small mammals

Orthopaedic procedures, either in house or referral

Dentals - descaling, polishing, imaging and extractions

Digital radiography

Ultrasound - diagnostic abdominal imaging and pregnancy imaging

Blood testing - pre-anaesthetic blood testing, referral blood testing

In house cytology, and referral

ECG, blood pressure and pulse oximetry available

Isolation facilities for infectious diseases

Weight loss clinics.

Dog and Cat grooming. Including sedation if required

Nail clipping

Retail supplies of cat and dog food, including specialised diets for geriatric and pediatric animals. Specialised diets for specific diseases in cats and dogs

Pet food, including Proplan, Nutrience and Hills ranges.

Our Taupo clinic also offers Export certification for Australia and other countries as required, including Rabies vaccination for export to UK

Small Animal Factsheets