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Getting the mineral levels right in your animals is crucial for optimal stock performance.

The pumice soils around this area are classically low in Copper, Cobalt, Selenium, Sodium and Magnesium, and most stock will need some form of supplementation.

Because the amounts of minerals required are low, and there is a fine line between deficiency, being adequate, or becoming toxic we provide a mineral testing and advisory service. We have the options of blood testing, performing liver biopsies or analysing samples from the freezing works.

To see which method of testing is right for you, and the best times to check your animals’ levels, please give your nearest centre a call.

We offer a variety of competitively-priced products for all stock classes, from mineral blocks to water treatment options, and are happy to give advise on others. Our aim is to ensure all trace elements are at the optimum level in your animals to ensure maximum productivity.


We stock a range of mineral supplements for your animals, from convenient lick blocks to injectables to water treatments - feel free to call in to discuss what is right for your animals and situation.